500 internal server error when calling web service with jquery

data: ' { " sCustomerId" : " ' + custId + ' ", " sCompanyName" : " ' + custName + ' ", " sCity" : " ' + custCity + ' ", " sPostalCode" : " ' + custPostalCode + ' ", " sCountry" : " ' + custCountry + ' ", " sPhone" : " '. Your stringifyed data will result in { " param1" : " Words" }, then your service should be able to bind the param1. It throws a 500 internal error because the AJAX response has a lot of content from the server so it returns a timeout. Place this line in your ajax: data: ' { " prefix" : " ' + request. term + ' " } ', and it will work exactly as happened with w everything is working fine without errors. Always ensure your json key is the same as the parameters received by the web method. I figured out after almost a day of error 500. sorry I' m late, but I have just been having the same problem and I have just solved it as follows. At the top of your. asmx code ( C# presumably) try putting the following line, right above the public class.

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    Jquery when server

    I am able to call this web service from browser window, but I get the error from AJAX. I am getting Internal Server Error Exception ( 500). It might have to do something with my URL in JQuery, since Im connecting from localhost. I am trying to perform this AJAX post but for some reason I am getting a server 500 error. You can also get that error in VB if the function you' re calling starts with Public Shared Function rather than Public Function in the webservice. To allow this Web Service to be called from script, using ASP. NET AJAX, you need to use [ System. ScriptService] attribute for your WebService. ScriptService] public class. The problem was that its not possible to POST with keeping the web service in different project while a GET can do. The better alternative is to keep a Web service inside the project and call the other Webservice ( which is. The web service is written in vb.

    When I call it directly using it' s url it works fine, but when I use ajax to call it it returns.